Equality and Diversity

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Country Landscapes

At Country Landscapes we recruit on the basis of the best person/s for the job

Equality & Diversity

Country Landscapes Ltd is committed to recruiting and developing employees from all backgrounds (and ages) to ensure we meet the needs and aspirations of our customers. 

We welcome applications from all members of the community and strive to provide a vibrant workplace where everyone can enjoy their achievements, thrive and reach their full potential.  We are supportive of neuro-diversity, and keen to recruit and work flexibly with colleagues who can bring unique talents, such as attention to detail, creativity, innovative thinking to the team.

We are keen to provide working hour flexibility and supportive environment, observing any relevant issues of equality and diversity as raised by the Disability Discrimination Act (2010) Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and associated guidance.


Our Approach

We advertise in local locations and media viewed by a diverse multicultural community.

To ensure a proper and fair recruitment process our recruitment staff attend recruitment training prior to selecting and interviewing staff.

We select and appoint on the basis of the best person/s for the job based on relevant skills, experience, or potential.


Qualified Garden Landscaping and Landscape Gardener covering Lancashire Bury Bolton and Rossendale.

If you have any question regarding our services or our customer web at w w w . c o u n t r y - l a n d s c  a p e s . c o m  please ring 01204 402222 (no unsolicited sales calls please)  Copyright Country Landscapes Ltd. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised use of photos will be chargeable.  Bolton Lancashire / Manchester Company Registration 4444028.