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Below we have identified various areas of our business activities, and are in the process of examining the impact on the business, clients & the environment in order to help protect the environment and ensure cost efficiency.



Compliance with environmental regulations Help safeguard & protect the environment & avoid prosecution Avoid fines of up to 20,000, plus costs Check clients obtain TPO consent.  Ensure licences are obtained
Reduce waste disposal Waste minimisation strategy Minimise landfill tax charges, make savings due to use of materials, soils & aggregates Recycle waste to help safeguard natural resources-annaul audit
Reduce utility bill charges / Energy usage Ensure suppliers are competitive    
Helping clients become more environmentally friendly Provide advice plus info on web site   Encourage awareness of our environmental strategy - provide info on composting etc.
Meeting the requirements of environmentally aware clients      
Maximise efficiency of lighting systems
Reduce fuel usage   Save money Use fuel efficient machinery, ensure good route/job planning
Reduce chemical usage on hard surfaces
Reduce chemical usage on lawn areas   Use of chemical moss killer Scarify lawns annually & provide balanced nutrition to prevent moss becoming established  


Qualified Garden Landscaping and Landscape Gardener covering Lancashire Bury Bolton and Rossendale.

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