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Houttuynia cordata 'Cameleon' is a low growing herbaceous plant with colourful vivid red, cream and dark green leaves. Plant it in the Autumn and divide and plant pieces of underground stem at this time of year. You can see it in our show garden. It is usually a trouble free plant and grows well in damp soil.

Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David' is a small herbaceous perennial. It is suitable for partially shaded gardens, and has attractive light green leaflets and stunning mid blue flowers with a delicate white element. Spikes of delicate tubular, spurred flowers appear above the ferny leaves in spring and summer. Some species of this plant self seed easily, others can be grown from tuberous, fibrous or rhizomeous roots and grow in cracks in walls and rockeries. In fact that it how we came across it. A yellow variety appeared by itself, in our Westmoreland slate rockery, and seemingly, it has not stopped flowering since! Both varieties are on show, so if you wish to call to see our show garden in Tottington just give us a ring.

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Bulb Planting tips

Plant your tete a tete narcissus, or crocus in tubs or hanging baskets for Spring displays. 

Remember to feed them in the following year with a foliar feed and a slow acting one feed such as bone meal. When they start to die down after a couple of months, remove them from their container and replant with a good quality compost. This should ensure that they will have a fresh reserve to thrive and divide into more bulbs for the next Spring display.

Snowdrops are best planted "in the green" If you have snowdrops in a tub then plant the tub directly into a shady position. They should increase and provide early colour next year. Tulips don't usually provide a second season and new bulbs should be planted in tubs in Autumn to ensure a bright spring display.

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