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How will improving my garden add value to my property?

If you want to increase the equity value of your home a well landscaped garden will increase the value of your property by at least 6% according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Estate Agents.

Particularly if you are looking to add equity value to your property it is important to get it right and lets face it every one knows someone who can do a cheap job, but  be aware that a badly constructed garden could give be a maintenance headache and decrease value of your property.  For a first class garden which gives your property kerb appeal call in a qualified professional. 

Choose a Landscape Professional

To help you and other consumers, professional landscapers have a moral duty to prove they are competent and squeeze out rogue traders and diversifiers who use bad practices.  Finding a member of a specialist trade organisation is a good way to ensure you do not waste money on poor workmanship.

Protect yourself

If something goes wrong, would your household insurance cover you for damage caused by engaging incompetent contractors. If someone is hurt both the client and the contractor may be prosecuted. It could be left up to you to prove that you engaged a competent and insured contractor.  It could be you who has to pay the bill to have things re-done or put right!

Established professionals will often spray weedkillers to clear sites. For safety, these contractors are required by law to possess spraying certificates including PA1. So if by coincidence someone's pet dies or someone gets ill after spraying a herbicide in your garden or treating your lawn, a professional will be able to prove they have done things correctly.

6 Point Advert Check List

1/ Find the more established firms who are properly trained in best practices. A guarantee could be worthless when new start ups donít exist any more.  Ensure that your deposit and work in progress is protected by an insurance backed guarantee.  When large and small firms are going to the wall and particularly when money is tight you don't want to take unnecessary risks.

2/ Check they are qualified or have proof of competence.  Why should you take a big chance risking your money, if they haven't invested in their own competence?  RHS qualifications and show awards are a good competence indicator due to strict assessment, but remember quality is often hidden in thorough preparation.

3/ Remember anybody can buy a good advert and some Trade Bodies seldom monitor standards fully, or assess competency properly.

4/ Never use mobile only firms. Mobile numbers easily vanish, whereas problems seldom do!

5/ Donít be frightened to ask, good firms will be delighted to show you their work off/on-site.

6/ With so many firms going to the wall it is wise to get an insurance backed guarantee for complete cover from deposit to post completion.

Good things are worth waiting for, so if your chosen contractor is booked up for a few months there is a good reason - they are a good contractor who will add value to your property for many years to come!

bulletFinding the right contractor
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bullet The Low Bid!
bulletHow do I pay for works undertaken.. ?
bulletWhere can I find some to do hard landscaping ... ?
bulletWhy don't the gardening staff do a certain task ... ?
bulletWho is responsible for health and safety ... ?
bulletWhat is recommended frequency for lawn mowing ... ?
bulletWhen is the work going to be done ... ?
bulletWhat are your Terms and Conditions of Business


How do I pay for garden maintenance works undertaken ?

The preferred method of payment for most customers is by Standing Order.  Click here for the Standing Order Form .  For one off contracts or additional works simply send a cheque upon completion of works or each stage of completion, or pay via your internet or phone banking.  Ask for our details. 

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Where can I find someone to do landscaping and garden construction ... ?

Ensure that you obtain a couple of references, assess their qualifications and previous work. If you require a garden design, don't cut corners and ask the contractor for a free design!  If you are spending money on your garden, it is wise to put a lot of time into the design and planning.  A "free" design will be reflected in the end product.  Obtain a quote from a qualified garden designer, landscape architect or qualified contractor to undertake the initial design and specification.  This will help ensure that you have the best design and make it easier to price and construct.

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Why do the gardening staff not do a certain task when they are here ... ?

When a contract is agreed the exact tasks will be set out.  E.g. Mow lawns, clip edges, remove weeds from beds.  We're also happy to undertake most other jobs, but have to agree with you first, simply ask for a free quote.  For example, we would recommend that weeds in patios should be weedkilled in April/May and August if required and will be happy to give a competitive quote for this to be undertaken.

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Who is responsible for health and safety ... ?

Everyone is responsible for health and safety.  Clients must also ensure that their sites are safe to enter and notify us in writing if there is a safety problem. Please contact Lee Thorne to discuss any safety issues.

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What is the recommended frequency for lawn mowing... ?

The minimum frequency of cut is fortnightly for a reasonable finish.  During peak growth weekly mowing is recommended.  Often clients give their lawn a quick mow between our schedules to ensure that their lawns remain well trimmed.

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When is the work going to be done... ?

We have structured our operations to ensure that we provide a reliable service - even when staff are off.  All works are undertaken on a best endeavour basis and subject to resources, weather conditions (you need to have perfect weather conditions to spray).  We are unable to guarantee set days for regular work schedules.  In order to ensure reliability we work in wet weather conditions and have invested in machinery that can leave a reasonable finish despite wet weather.  It has been known to rain for days in this region, so it would cause unacceptable delay for schedules to be rearranged every time it rained.



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