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Encourage bees, insects, birds and wildlife into your garden......

This small double chambered insect habitat (top varying size canes - bottom solid bored timber) is ideal for hanging in a sheltered garden or house wall or orchard. This is a general insect habitat.

The holes may be used by solitary bees such as Mason Bees or Leafcutter Bees, which are non aggressive and excellent for pollinating in the garden, helping to increase fruit yields. The durable roof and solid timber construction give excellent insulation for over wintering Ladybirds and Lacewings. Site using back hanger or central hanging chain if preferred in a sheltered spot, preferably to catch the morning sun.

Size: H 13.5cm, W 11cm, D 21cm

Bee Hive

This solitary beehive is designed specifically to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason Bee.  These bees are naturally attracted to the holes in wood and this beehive provides the perfect habitat that has become harder to find in modern gardens.

This bee hive is made with durable timber roof and base, with two stainless steel bolts running through the nesting trays.  You can easily dismantle the beehive to view where the eggs are laid.

This system also allows for easy cleaning of the beehive which is recommended annually. This beehive makes a great present for someone who is keen to learn about bees.  Site the box in a position that catches the warmth of the morning sun.  Bees will use the hive from late February, but other beneficial insects will use it for overwintering.  Red mason bees are non-swarming, are gentle and safe around the garden, and are excellent pollinators helping to increase fruit and vegetable yields.

Size of the beehive: Height 19cm, Width 18cm, Depth

The Solar Insect Theatre is a neat little insect habitat.

The Insect Theatre uses a solar powered light, which comes on automatically at dusk, to attract moths, lacewings and butterflies into an attractive theatre for you to watch them in and a wonderful habitat for the insects. The light then turns off at dawn leaving the insects in the theatre.

There is an access door in the base, where branches or plant material can be added or insects removed to study.

The theatre is designed to be similar to a natural habitat, attractive to insects, though there are holes for them to exit as and when they please.

Constructed from durable FSC timber this product is produced under the Climate Care scheme, with batteries included, simply position the theatre and wait.

The timber on the theatres is rough-finished.

Size: 20.5x17x32cm high.

The Hedgehog Hogitat is designed to be an attractive natural home and safe retreat for hedgehogs.

It features a sturdy, rust-proofed steel frame, a waterproofed roof with an attractive natural finish, and a predator defence tunnel.

Specifically designed to blend into the garden setting, the Hogitat has an attractive natural appearance that will comfortably nestle into any garden environment.

Choose a quiet position out of the prevailing wind in an area with some nearby cover (areas of the garden with slugs, a natural food source). Principally natural materials and appearance. Economic yet effective safe retreat for hedgehogs, or small mammals.

Size of hedgehog habitat: 25cm x 43cm x 50cm

Ladybirds and Lacewings Box

This natural habitat made from chunky FSC Certified Timber and natural log is an ideal habitat for Ladybirds and Lacewings.

Both of these insects are valuable natural predators of garden pests like aphids and greenfly.

Encouraging these insects will help reduce or eliminate chemical insecticide use in the garden. The internal chamber can be filled (through the viewing ports) with straw (Lacewings) or bark (Ladybirds and other insects) to provide valuable insulated over wintering space and summer retreat.

SITING - Position near an aphid problem area, preferably in a sheltered position on a wall, fence, tree or post.

H. 31cm W. 14cm D. 19cm

Approx Weight 1.2kg

Comes with a pack of ladybird food/attractant



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