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Country Landscapes recognises that all activities, products and services can have an adverse impact on the environment. Wherever practicable we will seek to eliminate or minimise these impacts.

By embracing a sound ecological approach to the design and management of our gardens and green spaces, we can play our part in ensuring that what is good for people (there is common consent that green spaces particularly within urban areas is a healthy thing for society) is balanced with what is good for the environment.

At Country Landscapes Ltd we aim to strike a balance within our urban landscapes which will move us closer to sustainable development and sound environmental practice. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is based upon the requirements of the international environmental management standards to help ensure best practice and compliance with all environmental legislation and regulations in so far as they apply to our business activities. Part of the above policy is the consideration of alternative land management techniques on behalf of our clients.

Alternative Green Space and Lawn Management

In certain situations alternative ground cover for lawns and amenity grass areas may be appropriate.

There are many ground covers available however, moss, in particular sphagnum moss is a naturally successful ground cover. As mosses are low-growing and can form dense green mats, moss plants can be considered an alternative ground cover for landscaping and planted as "shade gardens" in lieu of traditional lawns.

As mosses don't have true roots and they absorb their nutrients and moisture from the air they often thrive where most lawn grasses have great difficulty:-

bulletSoils and surfaces with extremely high or low pH
bulletSurfaces that are compacted
bulletShady areas

Environmental Benefits

No mowing - Because moss is low growing, this totally eliminates the requirement for mowing. This can represent 100% savings in time, money and resources.

They eliminate the need and associated safety risks of traversing bankings with mowers and strimmers.

Sustainable Environmental Benefits

Reduced Waste

In some localities grass clippings and green waste is still sent to landfills, but increasingly it is transported to green waste recycling centres during the growing season. Clippings

contain about 4% nitrogen, .5% phosphorus and 2% potassium. Than means, over 5 kilos of nitrogen are thrown away as grass clippings each year from a typical 150 sq. metre lawn. Moss ground cover eliminates the need to bag and remove grass clippings and reduces transportation carbon footprint.

No Mowing

No mowing = no pollution from mowers and reduced fuel consumption from transporting mowers and fuel.

Eco-System benefits

Mosses can be highly beneficial to the eco-system as they serve many functions:-

bulletThey can hold tremendous amount of water which is a useful buffer reducing surface water "run off" in urban environments with predominately hard surfaces.
bulletThey grow where many other plants do not thrive, in highly acidic or poorly drained areas and provide erosion protection to surfaces such as slopes.
bulletThey provide a home to invertebrates such as insects worms, which are a food source for birds. Birds happily use moss for nesting purposes.
bulletThey do not harm trees and other plants, and merely take up the space when other plants such as grass die.
bulletMosses are in comparison to grasses, long lived. They are self propagating, requiring moisture to reproduce by way of spores generally in winter. They can also spread vegetatively by sending out new shoots. Known as bryophytes, they are non vascular plants - having no cells specialised cells (unlike grass flowers and shrubs) to conduct water.

Reduced Chemical usage

Moss lawns don't need lots of treatments to keep them looking beautiful.

bullet100 percent reduction in the use of fertiliser.
bulletHealthier alternative to grass lawns as the use of pesticides and weedkillers is eliminated or substantially reduced.


No fertiliser, fewer pesticides (probably none at all), less or no watering and less maintenance.

bulletSave lots of time and money
bulletBecome a role model for sound and sustainable environmental practices

It's good business - financially and environmentally


























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