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Environmental Management System (EMS)
Country Landscapes recognises that all activities, products and services can have an adverse impact on the environment.

Wherever practicable we will seek to eliminate or minimize these impacts. We will comply with all environmental legislation and regulations in so far as they apply to our business activities.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is based upon the requirements of the international environmental management standards 14001 and the principle of continual improvement.  We use the four-step cycle made famous by Deming: Plan, Do, Check, Act. This framework helps to cut through the complexities and provides a simple methodology for energy management and continual improvement on sustainability issues.

Set out below are the main benefits

bulletdemonstration of legal and regulatory compliance
bulletdemonstration of our commitment to the environment
bulletdemonstration of an innovative and forward thinking approach
bulletincreased access to new customers and business partners
bulletbetter management of environmental risks, now and in the future
bulletpotential reduced public liability insurance costs
bulletcost savings
Environmental Policy Statement
This policy statement is available to the public who may access it by visiting the Company premises or accessing the Company web site.

As part of our Environmental Management System we will strive to:

bulletMinimize the impact of new developments through the use of integrated management procedures and planning
bulletWhere possible, influence customers so as to minimize the environmental impacts in provision of our services and products.
bulletPrevent pollution, reduce waste and the consumption of resources, and commit to recovery and recycling, as opposed to disposal where feasible
bulletProvide all staff with appropriate education and training
bulletEmbody life cycle thinking
bulletNetwork and share best practices and environmental experience with interested parties
bulletWork towards sustainable development
Encourage the use of EMS by suppliers and sub-contractors
bulletAssist, wherever possible, in environmental initiatives
bulletSupport local suppliers and minimise environmental impact through the supply chain
bulletProcure from renewable and sustainable resources

In working towards the achievement of its environmental objectives, Country Landscapes Ltd. will:

bulletDevelop internal awareness of its environmental policies, targets and programmes in order to build environmental responsibility into all aspects of its operations
bulletEncourage and support employee initiatives that contribute to an improved environment at work, at home and in the local community
bulletDevelop links with relevant industrial, professional, community and education groups, keeping them informed of our environmental interests and activities
bulletWork with suppliers and contractors to ensure that they provide products and services that do not transmit environmental problems to Country Landscapes, it's staff and its customers
bulletDevelop management systems to enable environmental impacts to be identified and controlled
bulletCompile reports of environmental performance and make them available to all interested parties

To achieve this Country Landscapes will:-

Establish and implement an improvement plan that will result in both improved environmental performance and increased customer satisfaction.

The plan will state objectives in measurable terms, with particular regard to local relevance, legislative compliance and social responsibility.



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