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Treatment of Giant Hogweed

Dealing with Giant Hogweed - Heracleum mantegazzianum

Highly invasive and aggressive weeds such as Giant Hogweed & Japanese knotweed need specialist knowledge from qualified professional contractors to control and manage them.

This plant is very aggressive, degrading native plant and wildlife habitat, and be a safety concern along roadways etc. 

Giant Hogweed is one of the biggest biannual plants - a native of central Asia and Russia, it is related to the common Cow Parnip found in grassland and meadows. It has quickly spread following introduction in the 19th century as an exotic garden plant. Unlike Japanese knotweed it can spread even more quickly due to the excessive amount of seeds produced following flowering - and it's therefore vital to control before it get the chance to seed!  Giant Hogweed is listed under schedule 9 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, and is also classified as controlled waste by the Environment Agency.

Giant Hogweed have very broad, large, serrated leaves, like thistles, that can reach a diameter of over 2m. It has a round, hairy and hollow stem spotted in red and can reach up to 5m in height. The flowers are white umbels that look like cow parsley on steroids. The umbel flower heads can produce  50,000 seeds.  Seeds are around 1-1.5cm and is the sole means of spreading and reproduction often carried along waterways and growing on riverbanks.

Often in the headlines it causes burns and blisters - it is phototoxic - the sap is known to be toxic to animals and causes a photo sensitive burn in humans sunlight and UV triggers a painful and red flare up. Sap rubbed in the eyes can even lead to permanent blindness in severe cases, however the leaves and stems have fine hairs which can also produce burns very like scalding and sometimes permanent scarring.

We use the safest solutions to tackle your weed problems.  Whilst we are happy to assist you and answer any of your questions.

Why we need to control Giant Hogweed:-

bulletCauses obstruction and decreased visibility, taking over rivers banks etc.
bulletPrevent hazards to health and employee risks - especially to children who may play nearby
bulletAvoid legal implications e.g. law suits and claims for damages from adjoining landowners

Why call us in?

Knowledgeable and Qualified Professionals in the Treatment of invasive weeds

Strict legal and health and safety compliance means that weed killing is very much a specialist and skilled operation needing careful planning to offer the high standard of results expected.

Our staff are fully trained and qualified, and individually have over 20 years' experience dealing with weed treatment.

To satisfy legal requirements

The Noxious Weeds Act (1959) requires land owners to eliminate "scheduled" weeds and The Wildlife and Countryside Act(1981) specifies the control of invasive weeds.

Cost effectiveness:-

bulletProven use of herbicides gives cost effect control
bulletLong term management and control
bulletProtects your asset and property value
bulletImprove the appearance of unkempt areas, discouraging tipping etc.
bulletImprove the growth of landscape plants and trees by competition

Safer Service

In addition to being fully qualified to spray herbicides safely, it is useful to evaluate the main chemical used for the control of Japanese Knotweed to alleviate fears as to safety.  Compared with Gylphosate (the most widely used chemical):-

bulletCoffee is around 30 times more toxic
bulletParacetamol is 22 times more toxic
bulletVitamin A is approximately 3 times more toxic
bulletDandruff shampoo is approximately 40 times more toxic
bulletNicotine is approximately 113 times more toxic

High Quality Products

bulletIt is unlike that the unqualified or the DIYer can obtain sufficient strength glyphosate
bulletUse of the most effective non-hazardous products developed for control and eradicatation of japanese knotweed

Better Results

bulletIndividual attention and assessment
bulletEcology sensitive approach
bulletHelp manage and maintain areas to prevent further problems
bulletEven application of treatments
bulletPlan and times applications for best results

3 steps to a solving your problem!

For planned weed spraying programmes using the most advanced, environmentally friendly application technology. 

  1. Ring our weed control Hotline on 01204 402222 to arrange a FREE no obligation consultation.
  2. Plan the programme and timescale e.g. three year programme, with review and client to monitor thereafter.  Some sites may require additional treatment/s depending on how well established the knotweed is.
  3. Obtain a FREE quotation

Call us now on 01204 40 22 22 :-

*** KNOTWEED HOTLINE: 01204 402222 / 07875 146 236 ***

                            ALL AREAS OF THE NORTHWEST UK

We offer Japanese Knotweed Treatment to all of the Northwest including these parts of Lancashire:

bulletBury (including Tottington and Walmersley);
bulletRossendale (including Haslingden, Rawtenstall, Waterfoot, Bacup and Whitworth);

More Info - Environmental Agency


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