Professional Edge 2002

Issue 9 of Professional Edge brings you reviews and service information from Country Landscapes. 

Review of 2002 and the year ahead!

During 2002 we undertook maintenance on over 250 properties, and are pleased to bring aboard 40+ new clients and welcome back clients returning after moving house or trying alternative services.  We thank you for your support and recommendations.  Whilst Anita was on maternity leave during 2002, Craig rose successfully to the challenges of a supervisory role and successfully ensured ALL scheduled visits were undertaken, as well as striving to keep up with the ad-hoc jobs you required.  Well done Craig! 

The future is bright![New!]Anita is set to return as Operations Supervisor next season following the birth of baby Megan in November.  2003 is our 12th year and Anita will be based in the office as well as undertaking maintenance in her supervisory role. This will enable us to achieve greater level of service and backup to ensure quality and  continuity, particularly during holiday periods.  We are keen to review your maintenance requirements, to ensure we meet your expectations - if there is any work or any aspects that you would like us to look into for 2003 season, please contact us.

*** Don't Miss out Key Winter Essentials! ***

For those wanting their garden to look it's best over Winter 2002/3 and for the year ahead, here's a last minute checklist:-

bulletAll the trimmings - Trim shrubs, thin branches, remove dead/dangerous
bulletBi-annual jet clean slippery green algae off paths and walls - clear algae before the freezing rains!
bulletTreat green moss before it ruins your lawn!  Apply mosskiller to slow down the take over rate as an absolute minimum - ideally scarify annually
bulletApply manure to roses
bulletUndertake a Winter mow
bulletRedefine edges to beds and borders, dig over, remove dead

If you haven't already arranged these jobs, don't delay -  complete and return the Service Request form or  ring us now on 01204 885117.

Cool Gardens[New!]

We like our gardens to look their best.  Please ring us if you would like borders gapping up from our range of special favourites including colourful azaleas, red / white berried pernettya, holly or other evergreens.  Keeping in tune with a changing climate is important - 16 mows are now the norm, but you may need a winter cut to keep lawns looking tidy.  With the warmer climate your should take advantage of more exotic plants available from garden centres. Don't forget to protect cordylines, bamboos, and other exotic and architectural plants from extremes as from November until March. 

Stormy Weather[New!]With the good, comes the bad - and with gale force winds of up to occasionally raging through parts of the UK, it is vital to ensure your trees and hedges are well maintained, to minimise the havoc and damage to your property.  Cut down the danger and check your trees frequently for dead branches that could fall and injure someone.  Please ring us for a free quote for tree, conifer, hedge, or chainsaw work.

Save time and money with payment by Standing Order

Last year we successfully introduced a Standing Order facility.  Most of our clients now pay their bills automatically through their bank.  Please take advantage of this for regular maintenance if you have not already done so already.  Please contact us if you have any concerns or wish to discuss this.  Forms are also available on our web site.

Investing in the Right Kit! 

Meeting our customer requirements efficiently requires an impressive fleet of year round machinery.  Interestingly last year, the cost of the cost of buying new machinery worked out less than the costs of repairing older machinery.  Other benefits included:-

bulletFew delays due to down time, repairs, non starting
bulletMore efficient engines - less noise and pollution - minimal interruption to garden tranquillity
bulletCheaper & better fuel economy- keeps costs highly competitive,
bulletReasonable cut in poor weather - no delays unless it's snowing!
bulletSafer to use and a better quality finish - sharper, more even cut

Gardening makes top 10 profession!  A national survey of dream jobs featured in the Guardian in September 2002, and gardening was voted into the top 10 of most popular professions in the UK for men and women aged between 25 and 70.

Whilst many enjoy gardening on a warm sunny day, a high number of gardening start-ups last no more than a year, which perhaps gives a more realistic picture of working in atrocious weather, coupled with low profitability even when being paid what are perceived to be good rates.  Demand for qualified time served professionals has already outstripped supply.  We hope the media interest in gardening will encourage more new professional gardeners, however, as with many other skilled manual professions, perceived job satisfaction and financial rewards will need to increase during the next 5 years to attract good staff, due to the fact that most qualified young people are looking for office based careers.  Concerted efforts with the support of everyone including employers and customers is likely to play a key role in encouraging the young to become our future professionals.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or require more information on any aspect of our service please visit or call us 01204 40 22 22 and we will be happy to help. 

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