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Welcome to the Country Landscapes 10th Anniversary Edition of Professional Edge! Country Landscapes has now entered its 10th year of business and we are delighted that our new power washing service for 2001 has been a success with all our clients. Due to wet conditions paths, patios, stonework and furniture has become covered with unsightly green algae slime and moss. As it can take days cleaning with domestic washers we invested in heavy duty equipment to enable us to quickly tackle the toughest of jobs.  Certain areas such as steps can become dangerously slippery. It is not just the elderly who may be at risk of serious injury. Please don’t risk leaving slippery paths - many visitors including the milkman, postman, window cleaner, even the gardeners need safe access.

It is surprising how most areas can be brightened up quickly with a jet washing. Particularly coloured stone work and decorative artificial materials including block paving often stands out well after cleaning.

Shaded areas are prone to greening benefit from frequent power washing - at least twice a year - once in November and March. Shop fronts and paving accessible to the public, can all be kept clean and presentable.

For a free no obligation estimate please contact Anita on 01204 40 22 22 or fax or email.

We strive to offer a complete garden maintenance service therefore if you have any problems with weed control, our staff are qualified and licensed to safely spray weeds. For best control it is recommended that weeds in paths are scheduled to be sprayed in April and then a spot treatment in August should keep them tidy and weed free.

We’ve been very busy this year and winter works are nowwell underway now, if you require anything give us a call and we will do our best to schedule you in. Now is one of the best time for pruning, crown raising low branches and thinning trees, clipping hedges and clearing up any debris left over from last year. Last November it was so wet it we found it difficult to get onto most gardens without the risk of causing damage. Autumn of 2001 appeared to be much drier.  Often it is better to wait for a hard frost in order to undertake pruning works when the ground is frozen. Craig is qualified to National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) standards and fully trained and insured to safely undertake chain saw work - for those larger pruning jobs.

For a heathy lawn it is important to ensure that the grass is growing faster than the moss! Even if it is very wet it may be possible to apply mosskiller to hit the moss.

Due to the large amount of rainfall, waterlogging of even our golf green constructed lawn occurred before spiking and top dressing to help the drainage was undertaken. A heavy application of mosskiller and autumn/ winter fertiliser has ensured that it is healthy.

If your lawn is yellowing in patches it may be suffering from lack of nutrients, waterlogging and may possibly be being attacked by leather jackets - which feed on the roots. CONTACT US FOR A FREE LAWN HEALTH CHECK IF YOU SUSPECT ANYTHING !

We have a limited supply of high quality stable manure available until February - for your roses. Apply now and see the resulting blooms during summer. We are currently planning flower displays. Demand for standard and for our DELUX Surfinia and fushia hanging baskets outstripped supply last Spring. If you want some please don’t miss out - order now!

They brighten up even the plainest of views and are grown to flower early in our heated glasshouse.

If you prefer to be e-mailed service news and updates from your dot.com gardeners simply e-mail us and we will add you to our online mailing list. We We’ve have over 80 hits per month since launching our web site. Let us know what you think.

If you have any suggestions to improve our site plus any suggestions of ways to improve any aspect of our business and services please let us know.

We will take this opportunity to thank you for your custom during 2001 and hope we can continue to be of service to you well into the future.


Qualified Garden Landscaping and Landscape Gardener covering Lancashire Bury Bolton and Rossendale.

If you have any question regarding our services or our customer web at w w w . c o u n t r y - l a n d s c  a p e s . c o m  please ring 01204 402222 (no unsolicited sales calls please)  Copyright © Country Landscapes Ltd. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised use of photos will be chargeable.  Bolton Lancashire / Manchester Company Registration 4444028.