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The Country Landscapes project Blog gives information on the work we have done.  As we're always busy we don't put all our recent projects online, so please give us a ring and we'll be happy to show you our latest work!

Posted : 16.2.2016

We are delighted to be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in August 2016, take a look at the Special Edition of Professional Edge 2016 for more details!

Posted : 16.12.2015

Year end works undertaken at one of the local bowling greens are showing through!!  We adjusted the mower to a higher cut to "tip" the new sward over the winter and the green will be ready for an application of mosskiller within the next 4 weeks and early spring, depending on conditions.

This green was so compacted that grass root growth was seriously poor - so shallow that it couldn't sustain the green during the drier summer months.  In addition to water, roots need air and oxygen to breath,  and regular spiking is advisable on fine turf - vertidraining (deep mechanical spiking) annually to sustain the (new) sward and allow the roots to penetrate at least 6-8" or preferably deeper into the lower rootzone.

The green was deep scarified and we overseeded with 100% bent mix at the end of the season.

The Brown top bent mix is the most expensive grass seed available - the seed is so fine it looks like itching powder and required a calm day and skilful application! It was specially selected to allow for closer mowing conditions.  The undulations of greens is often a feature susceptible to closer mowing which can stress the grass out and if the roots are not kept moist, the sward will die.  Bents are able to withstand a closer mowing regime, the aim being to be able to maintain an even sward coverage, and therefore more consistent bowling speed over the entire green.  Bents are not an easy grass variety to establish and requires regular maintenance, fertiliser, plus sustained watering (usually weekly by the club members) to establish and during the season.  Hand spiking is also be beneficial (except areas where the sward is still re-establishing).

Before and after 1st cut in December 2015...

For more details about fine turf and bowling green maintenance please contact Lee Thorne on 01204 402222.

Posted : 10.9.2015

Just received our latest customer ratings from Constructionline



Posted : 18.7.2015

Wow...we've have been so busy with extra grounds maintenance - including another bowling green, plus several weed spraying contracts this year!  Those wanting a job doing right are having to be patient - so book early!

Posted : 4.12.2014

November was a busy month keeping on top of all the leave and mild and dry enough to get on with scarification and top dressing the bowling greens.  We are also on with applying moss killer to domestic lawns.

We have been busy pruning too, a garden revamp at Bradshaw was undertaken earlier this month, with many of the old shrubs and conifers removed ready for planting up with more decorative and attracted species.

Phil Robinson has also been busy bulb planting.  Don't neglect getting those leaves of the lawns - If you haven't done, give Anita a ring on 01204 402222 and book in now!

Posted : 13.8.2014

July and August are fantastic times to see the best at Tatton Flower Show and Southport Flower Show and get ideas for your garden. 

We welcome back Phil Robinson - one our our apprentices from the late 90's, who is qualified to NVQ2 and has tree and chainsaw certification.  He is also a driver, so he's a definite asset to the Country Landscapes team on maintenance and landscape projects.

We have worked hard to complete all of our garden maintenance and green keeping routines according to schedule again this year.  Well done to Anita and Phil Johnson and Phil Robinson.

Now is the time to start booking in the Autumn and Winter works such as jet cleaning, pruning, planting, tree works etc.

Posted : 26.4.2013 Rain at last

After a relatively dry period since January, the rain has started and the lawns and plants welcome it!

Posted : 26.4.2013 New Apprentice!

We recently invested in employing an apprentice to ensure continuity to provide the reliability and quality you have come to expect from Country Landscapes. This represents a considerable investment and your continued support is appreciated in these tough times.

Although all our costs have increased we have absorbed most of these increases and made a loss during the 2012 season.  With our hard work and your support we hope to turn that around this season.  The new season started a month later so you have made savings already this year so if there are things needing doing just ask we are happy to help and many of our rates have been the same since before 2008! Don't forget! In summer a reasonable quality lawn needs mowing at least weekly - please see 12.4.2013 for the reasons why.

More info is available on this at the RHS Web site at

If you want your lawn looking at its best it also needs treating (and we dont mean just wastefully throwing feed at it like some companies do)  call Lee on 01204 402222 for a free lawn treatment quote and qualified advice.

Posted : 12.4.2013 Welcome Back!

We have recently had clients coming back to us having been let down by alternative "cheaper contractors".  As they say you don't know what you have until it's gone and no one likes to be treated badly.

A big thank you to our clients who looked after us last season with a kindly word.  We undertake a difficult job in all weathers (it rained 4.5 working days out of 5 last season!) and appreciate when a client takes the time to make what may be our only brew that day, or give an appreciative comment.

Many of our clients cut their lawns between our fortnightly cuts if they get the chance. The reason for this, is that if you remove more that 1/3 of the leaf blade of the grass it causes stress and deterioration as well as making a mess.  Last year it rained all season so we have no choice but to cut it in wet conditions, to provide reliability.  If you had used an electric mower last year you would have struggled to mow at all !!

Posted : 2.1.2013 Happy New Year!

Enquiries have been coming in over the Christmas period.  Clients who require work doing should book in now so that they are on the rolling programme over the next few weeks...ready for the next heat wave!

Posted : 13.12.2012 Project Complete!

Due to the considerable high pressure of the earth, water, and buildings, retained by such walls, its sensible to get all retaining wall properly designed with the calculations done by a qualified structural engineer.  Typically there are over 30 pages of calcs for retaining walls.  Typically walls around or above 1m required concrete foundation with steel reinforcements in the base and throughout the wall.

The construction should be checked at each stage by a structural engineer who can then issue a Structural Integrity Certificate upon completion.

All works at Horwich are now complete and the Structural Integrity Certificate issued.

Posted : 3.12.2012 Project Schedules Update

Due to the ridiculously wet autumn all our landscaping projects and much our our maintenance has been delayed.  The Horwich project (below) - 6 weeks, took 12 weeks largely due to the weather.

Posted : 30.11.2012 Horwich, Bolton

All 22 steps, the patio and wall were completed and pointed up this week - and it looks fabulous!  We have had to cover everything over due to the cold and frost, but will post some pictures next week when we have cleared everything away.

Posted : 17.10.2012 Horwich, Bolton

The Timbalok, timber crib retaining wall was completed yesterday!  As you can see it's sturdy, eco friendly, and the product is guaranteed to last for at least 60 years.

Timbalok timber crib retaining wall installed by Country Landscapes Ltd

The area is now ready for preparations for a patio as shown below...

Posted : 12.10.2012 Horwich, Bolton

Work continues in Horwich on the installation of the second section of Timbalok retaining walls, including the corner section.

Posted : 11.10.2012 Horwich, Bolton

Our mission was to replace three dry stone walls with two retaining walls of around 1.25m each.

In practice whilst it was apparent visually that the slope consisted of clay (which would normally be reasonably stable and suitable for constructing foundations and walls, the site was found to consist of an amount of unstable infill of clay and rubbish, which was unsuitable for constructing two walls due to the instability and exceptionally wet weather of September and October 2012. 

An alternative solution had to be quickly found and agreed with the client, to minimise risk to the extension constructed on piles.

The footing was excavated and concreted on the 2nd October. 

On day two the Timbalok solution was installed and infilled in 20 tons of aggregate providing a strong and solid retaining wall adjacent the extention on the 3rd October.

The above shows the second stage of Timbalok installation as at 11.10.2012

Posted : 11.6.2012 Bradshaw Bowling Club

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the work you and your team have done in making Bradshaw Bowling green one of the best if not THE BEST bowling green in the area.
In my opinion it is in superb condition and a pleasure to play on.
It is in distinct contrast to the local park greens which only receive the minimum of treatments and basic cutting.
Keep up the good work!

Mike C.



Posted : Saturday 2.6.2012 Works completed from 18th May 2012 to 1st June 2012

Work completed 1st June at Stalybridge..

Thank you and your team for all your hard and excellent work, we will forward you some of the original garden photographs within the next week. Kind Regards. Jo and Frank

Work in progress at Stalybridge......before and during photos....this week we excavated around 30 tons off site. 

Completion of terraced patio in natural stone flags is due within the next few days.....

  Before and after....

An azure blue sky this week allowed the painting of our heavy duty pergola - note the solid 6" pillars!

Posted : Wednesday 16th May 2012

Greenkeeping is an intensive aspect of our service...correct adjustment of machinery prior to mowing ensures a perfect cut!

The 1st photo below shows one of the green we maintain before mowing, on Wednesday.  It was previously mown Monday and is slightly mottled due to uneven growth rate in different parts of the green, caused mainly by varying growth rates on dry and moist parts of the green.  The 2nd photo shows the green after cutting on the same afternoon, which is more even but still quite mottled.  Regular watering and feeding is necessary to help ensure dry patches grow and to help ensure an even playing service.


Posted : Friday 30th April 2012

Fairfield Primary School - Willow Tunnel Workshops

Posted : Friday 30th April 2012

Highfield Primary School - Country Landscapes provided a free planting and team leadership session to Highfield Primary School, children actively enjoyed a bright sunny afternoon in the woodland eco garden!

Posted : Friday 23rd March 2012

Tottington Primary School - We are proud to be actively involved assisting the school free of charge in the vegetable planting sessions and children also undertook some sports pitch maintenance returfing a worn goal mouth!

Posted : 30th March 2012

Highfield Play Area - Community Centre - Completed - March 2012!

Long Term Project - Landscaping and Community Art at Malton Avenue, Bolton at Home 2010 - 2012

The community have been actively involved in consultation and putting forward ideas for this ex-garage site, many proposals were included in the design.  Malton Avenue landscape is an excellent example of the impact that green space and art can have - good quality open space has a regenerative effect on communities.  Country Landscapes is working in partnership with Proffits investing in communities and Cool Canvas, and we are sure the holistic and dynamic approach initiated by Bolton at Home will be a success. 

Local reaction to the work has been interesting, from almost disbelief that something is happening at last, to people both young and older enjoying the features on site, and the youngsters eager to use the kickabout area instead of playing on the street.  The community are also keen to be involved and take part in producing more features on the site including community artwork and events. 

The project has effectively zapped a blemish on this neighbourhood and created a shared space "owned" by the local community, which people can enjoy and effectively see the area as a healthy heart, helping to ensure a better neighbourhood.

Click for Project Video  

Click on Malton Avenue Photographic Timeline for more info....

Posted : Thursday 14th July 2011

New Heritage Chip Driveway Installed

Posted : Saturday 8th July 2011

Our forthcoming 20th Anniversary is in August 2011.

20th Anniversary celebration

IIP Award - photo of team etc.

Nominee shortlisted for APL Awards

Posted : Saturday 25th June 2011

Paths have now been installed at Malton Avenue and soiling up has been done to allow for planting of trees and wild flowers.  We have also mown the kickabout area which is ready for use.

We have reseeded the grass areas and are ready to sow the crop circle with wheat.  For more info on growing wheat and making bread please visit the link above!  Click here to Make healthy wheat grass juice!

Posted : Saturday 11th June 2011


Meet Cameron who has joined us on work experience.  He has been gaining lots of landscaping skills at Mr and Mrs Camerons' where we have installed around 90 sq.metres of paving and edging....laid on over 7 tons of mortar!


Click on the above to enlarge.....

Below.....before and after.....

More photos to come on the above

Posted : Monday 11th April 2011


Phil has returned for his 4th Season at Country Landscapes.  Phil has worked hard on both the landscaping and maintenance sides of the business and he is looking forward to completing the diploma in work based horticulture with Myerscough college, and learning more about the greenkeeping side of our business.

Posted : Friday 8th April 2011


During 2011 we plan to invest substantially in additional training and equipment for working safely at heights.  This will enable us to undertake more high hedge and tree work safely for our clients. 

The first part to this commenced in February 2011 when Lee Thorne (our MD) successfully attained City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Award CS38 and CS39 this week, following attending Millhouse Training Centre, for Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue and use of chainsaw from a rope and harness.  The assessments took a full day on Wednesday 2nd February 2011.

As well as safety harnesses and ropes we are also investing in innovative ladders to enable us to quickly and safely access large hedges over garden beds or slopes.

Posted : Thursday 9th December 2010

Laurel Preschool Christmas Opening - Thursday December 9th 2010

Everyone enjoyed a Christmas Sing-a-Long attended by more than 50 supporters at the official opening of Laurel Preschool's new outdoor play area, on Laurel St. Tottington, followed by the refreshments to celebrate

Jennifer Holly thanked "everyone involved including Country Landscapes who worked with the nursery staff and designed and constructed a fantastic play area."  "The improvements are really popular, even in the recent cold weather the children love to be outside climbing on the tree feature, in the play house, and playing in the sand pits - they even made striped sand castles by alternating sand and snow!" 

The event gained coverage in the Bury Times with a mention for Country Landscapes also!

Posted : Saturday 23rd October 2010

Following the success of the first Malton Avenue Landscape Masterclass, the second class was also well attended by the residents and community Malton Avenue today.   Click on the photo below for more....

Posted : Saturday 2nd October 2010

Our first Malton Avenue Landscape Masterclass, was a success with around 40 participants all joining in with preparation and seeding and bulb planting. 

If you missed this one come to our next one in October:-

Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd Oct 2010 - Landscape Master Class 2 - preparation of amenity areas including preparation of the climbing mound, stone picking and final grading & bulb planting, and to wildflower and grass seed sowing - right hand side of site

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to everyone who has participated and completed the Landscape Master Classes.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who joined in and made it a superb day! Thank you






Posted : Wednesday 29th September 2010

The next meeting for community at Malton Road is Friday 1st October at 4pm at the Community Hall.  We hope to see everyone there an eagerly signing up the the landscape regeneration Masterclass on Saturday. RIng 01204 338441 for more details!

End of Season

Maintenance is now coming to a close and we will be off between the 4th and 14th October due to a new addition to the family, however we intend to get a one more cut in October and a final one for leaves etc. November.

Posted : Monday 20th September

Today we had our monthly update meeting with everyone from Bolton at Home. 

Country Landscapes has been working in Partnership on this project with Martin of Proffitts who confirmed he has successfully prepared a funding bid for Phase II part of the project.

Everything on the landscape side is also progressing according to schedule.  The main shapes including the climbing mound and crop circle, have now been formed ready for the final preparation prior to seeding wildflower and grass.

The grass on the kickabout area has even started to germinate already after only 7 days!! 

Bolton at Home Landscape Master Classes

Bolton at Home is inviting residents, schools and the community to assist at this key stage for up to a couple days per week (Friday's & Saturday's from 10am-4pm) in October: -

Saturday 2nd Oct 2010 - Landscape Regeneration Master Class 1 - preparation of amenity areas including preparation of the crop circle, stone picking and final grading & bulb planting, and wildflower and grass seed sowing - left hand side of site

22nd & 23rd Oct 2010 - Landscape Regeneration Master Class 2 - preparation of amenity areas including preparation of the climbing mound, stone picking and final grading & bulb planting, and to wildflower and grass seed sowing - right hand side of site

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to everyone who has participated and completed the Landscape Master Classes.

Here's Phil our Landscape & Maintenance Operative surveying the kickabout area germination of grass after only 7 days!  He could be cutting this in another 2-3 weeks!

Seed drills are being cut and filled with grass seed (below)

Posted : Tuesday 14th September 2010

We've been busy at Malton Avenue in the last few days.....clearing the site and importing 120 tons of sand/soil roozone for the kickabout area. 


The photo below shows fertiliser is being raked in prior to seeding ....

Professional preparation is vital if the area is going to be a success! 

To guarantee a well drained surface long term it is necessary to choose a quality rootzone.  The one we chose consisted of 50% percent sand rootzone. 

Although the land initially appeared reasonably drained with quite a lot of gravel on parts of the site, as we commenced works, it became apparent that the site was retaining water in several places - right where the pitch was designated. 

So to guarantee long term success a drainage system was installed using 100mm drains, backfilled and dropping into a large soakaway shown below....

Here we are grading and compacting the levels prior to seeding...

Photo showing the site with temporary fencing and safety signage whilst we are working.

Posted : Monday 30th August 2010

The Autumn equinox fast approaches and another Summer's maintenance routines end on time and on schedule, despite the copious showers as we head into September.  Well done to Anita and Phil who have worked hard to provide such a reliable service!

Posted : Friday 27th August 2010

We've now erected chestnut fencing erected on Malton Av. to help ensure children remain safely off site during the landscape works which are due to start week commencing 6th September 2010.

Posted : Friday 30th July 2010

Bolton at Home: Malton Avenue Land Steering Group Residents agreed that the project should commence in August 2010, as per the design we have updated with Cool Canvass, incorporating a large "play tree" and boulder stack.

Bolton at Home: Malton Avenue Land Reclamation - Plan

Bolton at Home: Malton Avenue Land Reclamation

Country Landscapes was one of four landscape consultancies invited to present proposals for the Hulton Lane on Saturday 17th April.  We took part in a public consultation event and submitted draft plans as part of a public voting system for a land development by Bolton at Home.  

The preferred plan and design was presented by Country Landscapesí working in partnership with Proffitts, and we were invited to work in collaboration with Cool Canvass on the project.

Public involvement, collaboration on ideas and partnership working with Proffitts and Cool Canvass, assisting with development plans as well as physical works on the land, adaptability, creativity, health and safety, risk assessments/ security, budgets, re-designs, meetings, quick turn around times and project co-ordination and reporting have all formed part of the requirements for this contract.  

The design and plans were drawn up by BCA Landscape and the scheme has attracted attention from national trade press with interests in regeneration. 

Country Landscapes MD - Lee Thorne is pictured with Martin Proffitt of Proffitts (above)

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